Why we need to be productive?

In the brief span of human existence, typically limited to a mere 70 or 80 years, our lives are intricately woven from the threads of our daily actions, each year, month, and day contributing to the tapestry. It is in this finite timeframe that we strive to achieve a balance between fulfilling relationships, financial stability,…


IdP-Initiated SAML Flow vs SP-Initiated SAML Flow

In Single Sign-On (SSO) using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), there are two primary flows: Identity Provider (IdP)-initiated and Service Provider (SP)-initiated. Here’s a detailed comparison between the two: 1. SP-Initiated SAML Flow Flow: User Requests Access: The user tries to access a resource or application (the SP). Redirect to IdP: The SP redirects the…



It might seem as if the journey towards self-knowledge could proceed in a relatively smooth and linear way. But the battle between the forces of repression and the drive towards self-awareness tends to be far more bitter and entrenched than that. For years, there can be stalemate, neither side yielding ground until the pressure to…


What is kube config in rancher?

Rancher is a widely-used open-source platform for managing Kubernetes clusters. It provides various features and tools to simplify the deployment, management, and operation of Kubernetes clusters. One important aspect of working with Rancher and Kubernetes is understanding the kube config. What is kube config? In Rancher, the kube config is a configuration file that contains…


Integrating PMD in spring boot

Integrating PMD (Programming Mistake Detector) into a Spring Boot Gradle application can help improve code quality by identifying potential issues, bugs, and anti-patterns in the codebase. PMD is a static code analysis tool that scans source code for common programming mistakes and provides feedback to developers to help them write better code. In this article,…


TIL: What is gotmpl

Gotmpl is a command-line tool designed to simplify the management of configuration templates in Go projects. It is inspired by the popular template engine in Go’s standard library, text/template, but adds several enhancements and features tailored specifically for managing configuration files. We can use to for helm configurations Key Features of gotmpl: Templating Engine: Gotmpl…


Solving “no matches for kind PodDisruptionBudget in version “policy/v1beta1” in helm install

If you’ve encountered the error message “no matches for kind PodDisruptionBudget in version ‘policy/v1beta1′” while installing a Helm chart, don’t worry; you’re not alone. This error often occurs when trying to deploy Helm charts on Kubernetes versions 1.25 and later because these newer versions no longer support the apiVersion policy/v1beta1 for certain resources, including PodDisruptionBudget….


How to solve invalid CEN header error

The “Invalid CEN header” error in Maven typically occurs when there’s corruption in one of the files within the Maven repository. This error message indicates that the Central Directory structure of a ZIP file is invalid or corrupt. Resolving this issue involves identifying and fixing the problematic file or files. Here’s a step-by-step guide on…


Understanding the Power of Static Import in Java

Static import is a feature introduced in Java 5 that allows you to access static members of a class directly without specifying the class name. While it may seem like a minor convenience at first glance, static import can greatly enhance readability and reduce verbosity in your code. In this blog post, we’ll explore the…


1614. Maximum Nesting Depth of the Parentheses

When it comes to processing strings containing parentheses, such as mathematical expressions or structured data, determining the maximum depth of these parentheses can be a useful task. In this blog, we’ll delve into a Java solution that accomplishes this task efficiently. his Solution class contains a method maxDepth(String s) that takes a string s as…